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Latest Work Location:

We've migrated! If you're looking for any of the old Google Docs in CSC Main, you will now work in the new GSuite. You can access them using your email address.


Old Google Drive: View only

New GSuite: Open to editing 

I created a new doc in the GSuite that I need to edit! What do I do? 

You should be able to download the file, even if you can't edit it. Download the file, then re-upload it into the old Google Drive . Please download instead of copying and pasting. Downloading preserves metadata.   

We're working on a solution that makes preserving edits between the new GSuite and old Google Drive files as seamless as possible. Stay tuned.

What happens during migration? 

The old Google Drive will become Read-Only. This means you'll only be able to view, not edit, those files. You can resume work on those documents once we open access to the new GSuite. 

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