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Panopto Focus is a software based recording solution that has been in testing at UVa since 2008. In the fall of 2012, integration into UVaCollab was introduced in our first public pilot. In 2013, this tool was fully integrated into UVaCollab. You can add the tool to your site if you would like to use it: from within your UVaCollab site, go to Site Info > Edit Tools and select Panopto.

Panopto Focus Version 8.0 is the current version as of January 2020. (Please update your software)  Instructions for downloading the software are below in Getting Started: Option 2.

Getting Started

1)     Install the Panopto Tool 
Panopto is provided as a Tool in UVaCollab. To install the tool select Site Info > Edit Tools > Panopto.  Please do this at least a day in advance of needing to record.

2)     Download the Recording Software 
When the Panopto tool is selected, the Panopto web interface will open. Select the Download Panopto button and select the appropriate Panopto software version to download and install. The classroom computers should already have the software installed. By default, instructors and/or administrators are the only people that can record for a given collab site.  

3)     Manually Recording Sessions 
In UVaCollab, select the Panopto Tool to open the Panopto web interface. Then select Create: Record a new session at the top of the page. If the recorder software has been installed properly it will start.

a)      Choose a folder for your recording.

b)     Choose the primary Input (camera/microphone)

c)      Select Screen capture and/or PowerPoint

d)      Hit the RECORD button. You may pause or stop the recording at any time.  For complete recording instructions please refer to the “Quick Start” section of Panopto's excellent support documentation. If a camera is not installed in the room you will be responsible for bringing your own USB web camera/mic for use.

4)     Uploading the Recording to the Server 
The recorder can be set up to automatically upload to the server folder for your class. This will be the default for classroom computers. If you are recording to your own computer, please be sure to have a wired connection to the internet for best performance. Unless you erase the raw files from your computer, the files can be uploaded again if there are issues with the encoding session or upload process.

5)     Editing your Recordings 
Once your sessions are encoded you may use the web-based editor directly from your folder to edit your recordings. The editor is very simple to use.  Again - instructions can be found in Panopto's support documentation. 

Retention Policy for Recordings

Panopto files are managed at a hosted site. We will delete files in old folders after 2 years of inactivity in the folder. If you want to archive your files for a longer period of time, I would recommend creating mp4 downloads of the files and storing them on your UVa Box drive or in Kaltura. Instructions for downloading your recordings can be found at .  Remember: you must access the Panopto website through UVaCollab.

IMPORTANT:  If you find this tool helpful for your classes - please let your Dean and Information Officer know that funding for Panopto is critical. Ask them to please work towards a centrally funded mandate for this software.    Panopto is currently funded by Classroom Support, with help from Engineering and the Office of the VP for Information Technology.  A permanent source of funding is needed.  Thank you. 

Getting Help

Panopto's support documentation provides a wealth of resources to learn the product. Local UVA support documentation other than this document does not exist. If you just can't find your answer you can ask Classroom Support Administration.  Please search for the following sets of instructions.

  • Basic Windows Recording (login is automatic if you access the product through UVaCollab)
  • Basic Mac Recording
  • Basic Editing
  • Advanced Editor Usage
  • Viewer "How To" Videos

Panopto Focus is a hosted course/knowledge capture solution provided to the UVa Community by ITS. The project was undertaken by the ITS Classroom Support Administration in the hopes that it will be useful to faculty and students in their knowledge acquisition. It is open to all Agency 207 participants. Continuation of the offering is not guaranteed indefinitely. It is our hope that you will find it useful. - Lela Marshall, UVA Classroom Support Team.

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