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A Summary (in 2021)


  1.  Parton distributions and lattice QCD calculations: toward 3D structure [] (2020)

  2.  The x-dependence of hadronic parton distributions: A review on the progress of lattice QCD [] (2020)

  3.  Complete flavor decomposition of the spin and momentum fraction of the proton using lattice QCD simulations at physical pion mass [] (2020)
  4.  Overview of lattice calculations of the x-dependence of PDFs, GPDs and TMDs [] (2021)

I think it's a good idea we try to keep this effort moving along, even if only very slowly.  We need to compile all the most relevant LQCD papers.  By relevant I mean the deduce or predict something about spin, dynamics, charge distribution, and other advancements in lattice that make important conclusions.  Like this one, which seems to indicate that the FNAL g-2 experimental results still live within the Standard Model:

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