For more information: SpinQuest Polarized Target


Polarized Target Monitoring and Maintenance Guide
How to connect to the Cryo-Control / QT Computer remotely?

Registering a new device to Fermilab network:

For Windows OS: VNC Viewer on Windows Platform.docx
For Ubuntu / Mac OS: (on command line: make sure you installed Kerberos on your computer, also you will need an account for e1039gat1: please contact Kun Liu to create one)
                                    kinit -f <YOUR_USER_NAME>@FNAL.GOV
                                > for QT computer:
                                    ssh -N -L 9999: <YOUR_USER_NAME_ON_E1039_GAT1>
                                > for Cryo computer:
                                    ssh -N -L 9998: <YOUR_USER_NAME_ON_E1039_GAT1>

Link to Strip Charts:

*** Alarms ***

See this page for the monitoring schedule → Target Monitoring Shifts

Link to backups (ordering purposes):

Cables on East/West Penetrations

*** Set of Procedures on docdb and HAs (click)

  1. Fermilab Access & Trainings

  2.  Pictures at NM4
  3. UVA-NMR System at NM4

  4. Target Lifter at NM4

  5. Microwave System at NM4

  6. Helium Liquefier (QT) System at NM4

  7. Insulation Vacuum Chamber (IVC)
  8. Magnet Rack
  9. Magnet Power Supply System at NM4

  10. Magnet Shim Power Supply

  11. Roots-Pumps System at NM4

  12. Fridge Sensors
  13. Fridge Valve Control System at NM4

  14. Target Insert
  15. Target Materials Related Information
  16. Monitoring Layout in Control Room
  17. Target Computer setup at NM4

  18. Slow Controls

  19.  Annealing System
  20.  Gate Valve
  21. Inventory list (at NM4 and UVA)

  22. IP addresses
  23. Sample HA :

  24. Data Logs
  25. Polarized Target Maintenance & Monitoring Activities
  26. LN2 lines
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