DateTitleSpeakerSlides & Video


TMDS: A Transverse look at Hadrons 

Andrea Signori , University of Pavia


Phenomenology of Nucleon 3D StructureFilippo Delcarro , University of Pavia


N3LO extraction of the Sivers functions from SIDIS, DY and W±/Z dataAlexei Prokudin, Penn State Berks & Jefferson Lab


Single-Spin Asymmetry in pp → J/Psi + X
Sangem Rajesh, INFN Perugia, Italy


Transverse spin asymmetries in J/psi production at COMPASS

Jan Matouse, Charles University, Prague


Global extraction of quark unpolarized Transverse Momentum Distributions at N3LLChiara Bissoloitti, Argonne National Laboratory


The Overlap of SpinQuest and STAR SpinJim Drachenberg, Abilene Christian University


Finding out what you're made of: Partons on the latticeJoe Karpie, Columbia University


REDTOP: a low energy meson factory REDTOP: a low energy meson factory REDTOP to explore dark matter and physics to explore dark matter and physics beyond the Standard Model beyond the Standard ModelCorrado Gatto, Fermilab

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