Here we organize the Operational Readiness Clearance (ORC) documents that needed to be submitted. Please "Click" on the title(s) to navigate to the dedicated page(s).

Target computer shutdown procedure: 

FNAL ORC Submission page 

SystemORC #Description
Target LifterORC-1837Lifter assembly
Target LifterORC-1865Lifter control system
Target LifterORC-1866Lifter ADC system
Target LifterORC-1877Lifter Monitoring system
MicrowaveORC-1934Microwave motor controlling box 
Slow control rackORC-1895Overall rack ORC

ORC-1969E1039 Slow Control Rack Update in NM4 Hall
UVA-NMRORC-1854Custom components
UVA-NMRORC-1888Commercial Components
UVA-NMRORC-1888.01Addendum for operating from the cryo platform
Magnet Electronics (in-caveORC-2049Covers all the electronic connections on the magnet (in-cave)
Magnet cooldownORC-2056
Polarized Target Final WalkthroughORC-2055

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                     Manuals & Sample docs:

                        i) Electrical Safety ORC Review Guidelines


                       ii) Sample ORC Template ( eg: EIO)

1) Microwave ORC (Waqar)

2) Microwave chiller-tube ORC (Anchit)

3) Target Lifter ADC system (Vibodha)

4) Target Lifter Control System (Vibodha)

5) NMR ORC (Ishara & Misha)

6) Roots pumps ORC (Anchit)

7) NMR-rack ORC (Ishara & Misha)

8) Cryo-rack ORC (Zulkaida & Ernesto)

9) Magnet ORC (rack and in-cave) (Zulkaida)

10) Slow-Controls Rack ORC (Zulkaida)