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Here we organize the Operational Readiness Clearance (ORC) documents needed to be submitted. Please "Click" on the title(s) to navigate to the dedicated page(s).

Click Updates Page to see some updates on scheduling, constructions etc.

                     Manuals & Sample docs:

                        i) Electrical Safety ORC Review Guidelines


                       ii) Sample ORC Template ( eg: EIO)

1) Microwave ORC (Waqar)

2) Microwave chiller-tube ORC (Anchit)

3) Actuator control (Mechanical) ORC (Vibodha)

4) Actuator control (Electrical) ORC (Vibodha)

5) NMR ORC (Ishara & Misha)

6) Roots pumps ORC (Anchit)

7) NMR-rack ORC (Ishara & Misha)

8) Cryo-rack ORC (Zulkaida & Ernesto)

9) Magnet-rack ORC (Zulkaida)