Please keep a running tab of all polarized target work to do in the foreseeable future.  Lets keep things moving and make the most of our time at Fermilab.  Anyone can add tasks here.  Once a task is complete please comment on its completion and leave enough information for someone else to find the item, continue the work, or know the situation status.  When possible make an entry in the ECL logbook about that task being complete with the nessisary details.  If you purchased and received the item post here where it can be found.



Do ImmediatelyAdditional InformationTask Finished ResultPerson of task

Fridge sensors

1KOhm Ruthenium Oxide  
Preparation for the dock surveysetup tooling table and position magnet and detail survey layout with crew 
Determine and measure true path for all cables coming from target cave and order all cable needed

Front Penetration → Racks on Cryo platform → Counting House

Side Penetration → Racks on Cryo platform → Counting House
Replace Black BUNA-N O-rings

Measure existing O-rings and find PTFE (Teflon) equivalents

  • Run/bypass valves
  • Shell to magnet
  • Shell to turret
  • Turret to fridge
  • Electrical feedthroughs
  • Bottom can
  • Red pop-off valve
After replacing seals setup safety walk through withSetup Operational Readiness Clearance (through Rick)  
Buy a flaring tool for copper tubing   
Assemble and test microwave system

Needs to be shipped from UVa - 7/17/19

Borrow gore cable from UVa

Need waveguide too

Get Liverpool NMR Q-meter (and ancillary equipment) from LANL   
Setup temp full microwave system for testing here   
Setup sensors on stickCheck with lakeshore  
Stink test in the target loading areawith "special" spray  
Setup and test manometer   
Setup external magnet sensors with data going into slow controls data stream   
Shim Microwave actuator bushings for hard stop and top target. Microwave table and magnet should be in place and use the information from initial survey to measure   
Setup LANL NMR system for testing in counting house target area   
Setup UVA NMR system for testing in counting house target area   
Make material filling stationtub and accessories for fill the target insert  
Finalize microwave control system with stepper motor   
Setup actuator with potentiometer and controls   
Things to do when not working on the immediate thingsAdditional Information 
Setup Polarized Target DroneDrone to control instide the cave 
Setup Target Rack

Stepper motor drives and power supplies

ADC for position readbacks

Microwave EIP

Lakeshore 218 x2

Level Probe Readout

Turbo readout and Controller

IV gauge readout

Teledyne Hastings readout

4He & 3He manometers

Possibly Microwave Power Supply

Target Insert Lakeshore

Fridge Lakeshore

External Magnet Lakeshore


Get hoses for microwave (EIO)Either hard plastic or rubber 
Target Controls ComputerJosh will find it 
All cabling from target to racks and counting houseneed lengths and to order cables 
setup target operator station  
setup target loading station  
Finalize NMRtesting still needed 
Target handler and alarm system  
Setup NMR VI  
Annealing controls  
Setup and test Main Gate Valve  
Test Air-core cable with EIP/microwave  
Setup Insert and leak check and electronics check, sensors, coils, SMA  
Setup Nuc and oscilloscope and PDP  
Setup Roots stack controller and power  
Get some dewars: transfer, storage, insert  
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