(For Travel Reimbursement submit the green travel Form or use Chrome River)

1)  Make your travel plans at least two weeks ahead when booking hotels or plan tickets

Plan early - unless you are planning on flying standby as your plans are flexible it is almost always best to reserve your tickets early.

2)  The general practice is to sum your actual expenses, and account for “Other". Other might include tips, a newspaper,  items that did not make into your suitcase (shampoo,  toothpaste), or having a shirt ironed   -  and add 10-15%. If this sums to less than the per diem then request an effective  “per diem” which is the sum divided by the number of days of the trip.

If it is greater than the per diem for that city, I request the per diem.

When, as part of a workshop fee, dinner is provided, do not claim dinner on that day. If breakfast is included at the hotel that comes without charge, do not charge for expenses not incurred.

3) Please take advantage of the car rental and airport shuttle options when going to FNAL:

To and from the airport:

West Suburban Limousine, 1-800-942-5466.  $53 shared one-way w/o gratuity, $73 shared to Warrenville, other destinations are not so different. Reservations can be made by phone or online: https://www.westsublimo.com

You can use the UVa contract at the Enterprise offices in  Naperville (630) 548-9835,  Warrenville (630) 836-8100, and Batavia (630) 239-2138. Reserve ahead. You night have Enterprise pick you up at Fermilab after being dropped off there by the shuttle service.

For UVA corporate account rental through Enterprise click Rent-A-Car

Please make sure if you reserve a certain size vehicle online, and they don’t have the vehicle available you reserved,  they do not charge you for the upgrade.  Also, verify the daily rate before you sign the ticket making sure it’s for the daily rate you reserved online.

Finally, be mindful to refill the gas tank before returning the vehicle to Enterprise (that is considered an add-on expense that we cannot reimburse you for).

If you have any questions, please feel free to review the State Contract

 Base Rental Rates  

Damage Waiver is included in all rates

Vehicle Class 

Daily Rate 





Full Size 2 door


Full Size 4 door








Standard 4x4


Full size 4x4


12 Passenger


There is also  Ace Car rental.  According to Richard, Ace Car Rental used to allow charges to Fermilab charge codes.  Pick up the car near O’Hare. I visited Acre Rentals website (https://www.acerentacar.com/Landing/lp_chic02.aspx) and their prices are not unlike Enterprise. This would be my second choice to give the ease of using the UVa contract.

Chicago - Franklin Park
3309 Mannheim Road
Franklin Park, IL 60131 USA
Reservation: 877-822-3872

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