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  1. Go to the Content EditorEdit the text where you want to insert a table
  2. In the content box, click where you would like to insert your table
    • The position of the cursor marks where the table will appear
  3. Click the Table icon
  4. Fill in the number of rows and number of columns in their respective fieldsDecide whether headers will be located on the first row, the first column, or both
  5. Set the which rows and columns will be headers
  6. Fill in the rest of the fields for your tableAdd a caption for your table and a summary of what your table contains
  7. To add advanced CSS options, click the Advanced tab
    • "Advanced" fields will appear
  8. Click OK
    • Your table will insert into the text
  9. Click Save
    • The window will close
    • A message will appear confirming the update