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  1. Edit or create a media asset at
  2. Click Transcript
    • The transcript area will open
  3. Click Choose file 
    • The file browser for your operating system will open
  4. Open your transcript 
    • Make sure your file follows the formatting requirements at Transcript Formats (Archived).  
    • The file browser will close
  5. If you're using a custom format with approval from the Mandala team, choose A Mandala AV Supported Custom Format
    • If you're not sure what that means, skip this step
  6. Click Upload
    • You’ll see a confirmation message, and the transcript wizard open
  7. Under "Timecodes", choose your unit delimiter
    • Include Page
      Timestamps (definition)
      Timestamps (definition)
      If you have timestamps, you won't see the "Timecodes" section; you can skip this step 
    • The unit delimiter is the character you used to separate out sections in your transcript; see Transcripts without Timestamps for help
  8. Under "Languages," choose whether your transcript has one or multiple languages
  9. If your transcript has more than one language:
    1. Enter the “Language Delimiter” 
    2. Select your languages in the order in which they appear
      • Remember, you should keep the language order consistent in your transcript file
  10. Check your processed transcript at the bottom of the section
    • Click each language tab to make sure Mandala assigned the correct language
    • Make sure the text is separated into shorter units
  11. Click Save at the bottom of the editor
    • The media asset with your transcript will appear
    • Transcript processing may take a few minutes