Steps to push your local files to the 'remote' GitHub repository.
1.  Copy the file to the location that you wanted to push (example: DNN-CFFs/work/folder-name)
2. In the terminal, navigate to the same location using 'cd' (change directory) command
   example: cd DNN-CFFs/work/folder-name
3. Type ' git status' and press enter. It will show the new file name  (or the modified file name) in 'red' color.
4. Type 'git add <file_name>' and press enter.
    example: git add
5. Type 'git commit -m "add a comment about the change that you did to the code/file that you are going to push within this double quotes"
6. Type 'git push'   

Make sure that you have accept the traction-tools invitation from your email.

If this didn't work, then type 'git remote set-url origin'
   If it still complaining that you have to login/add-ssh-key then follow the instructions on the following link for "Adding a ssh key" and then use the above line to establish the git remote set-url origin. After that, try 'git push' and it should work.

Some summary slides about GitHub repo-management: GitHub_Steps.pdf (source file GitHub_Steps.pptx)

Adding a ssh key



'git pull' command gives the following error message:

  1. Copy the following: ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIOMqqnkVzrm0SdG6UOoqKLsabgH5C9okWi0dh2l9GKJl ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 AAAAE2VjZHNhLXNoYTItbmlzdHAyNTYAAAAIbmlzdHAyNTYAAABBBEmKSENjQEezOmxkZMy7opKgwFB9nkt5YRrYMjNuG5N87uRgg6CLrbo5wAdT/y6v0mKV0U2w0WZ2YB/++Tpockg= ssh-rsa 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

  2. Navigate to ~/.ssh folder: $ cd ~/.ssh
  3. Open 'known_hosts' file (use vi or vim): $ vim known_hosts
  4. Paste the content on Step 1 to the end of the 'known_hosts' file, save, and exit.
  5. Then, try again the command 'git pull', and it will work.


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