Put name, date, docdb #, and source file with pdf.  The source file should be .docx file.

Not each Heading is required so use only what is specific to your type of procedure

Condition/System Status: Describe what the condition should be so the user knows if something is different that they should change things to match prior to starting.  This should also describe the conditions that lead to the procedure being initiated if applicable.  For any part of the cryo system, valve positions, pressures, flows, temperatures or any initial state of any part of the controls should be explicitly stated here.  Make sure that at the end the procedure list the settings back to the initial status.

Training Requirement: List what FNAL training are required to perform the procedure, don't list more than what is needed.

PPE: List the required personal protective equipment needed as its own independent list

Required Equipment: List any tools or additional equipment or resources needed.

Rescue Plan: If a dangerous situation then a failure mode response or rescue plan should be specified for most simple cryogenic procedures this could be: Evacuate from the hall immediately, Call x3131 wait for the Fire Department. 

Procedure: List distinct separate steps for each part and number each one until complete.  Each time a valve position is changed is a new step.  Each new action should be sequential and simply stated in one or two sentences.

 Procedure template suggested by Rick

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