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Things to do when not working on the immediate thingsAdditional Information 
Setup Polarized Target DroneDrone to control instide the cave 
Setup Target Rack

Stepper motor drives and power supplies

ADC for position readbacks

Microwave EIP

Lakeshore 218 x2

Level Probe Readout

Turbo readout and Controller

IV gauge readout

Teledyne Hastings readout

4He & 3He manometers

Possibly Microwave Power Supply

Target Insert Lakeshore

Fridge Lakeshore

External Magnet Lakeshore


Get hoses for microwave (EIO)Either hard plastic or rubber 
Target Controls ComputerJosh will find it 
All cabling from target to racks and counting houseneed lengths and to order cables 
setup target operator station  
setup target loading station  
Finalize NMRtesting still needed 
Target handler and alarm system  
Setup NMR VI  
Annealing controls  
Setup and test Main Gate Valve  
Test Air-core cable with EIP/microwave  
Setup Insert and leak check and electronics check, sensors, coils, SMA  
Setup Nuc and oscilloscope and PDP  
Setup Roots stack controller and power  
Get some plastic tubs and foam dewarsdewars: transfer, storage, insert