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You might want to use Mandala Images as illustrations. In this case, you should use the URL of the image, which will look something like!1000,/0/default.jpg?1582174694691. (This is not the same as the URL to the image and associated metadata, which will look something like To get this URL: 

  1. Open the image item in Mandala Images 
  2. Right-click on the image itself
    • You'll see an option like Open the Image in New Tab
    • The exact wording of this will depend on your browser; you might see an option like Copy Image Address instead

    • If you use Copy Image Address, the image URL will copy to your clipboard automatically; you can then use that URL in KMaps by following the guide above

  3. Copy the URL of the new tab in your browser
  4. Follow the guide above to use the URL in KMaps