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Steps taken to register:
  *   Visit:
  *   Enter non-JLab email address (you can use your UVA email)
  *   Register for new account as “USER-REMOTE”
  *   Click link in automated registration email and use provided temporary password to login
  *   Change password
  *   Once logged in, click “Register New Visit”
  *   Select “University of Virginia”
  *   Select dates (Put the depart date many year in the future)
  *   Go back to portal home and complete the “Before Arrival Checklist”. 
Click 'Yes' to request a JLab Computer Account.
Note: You will need a JLab email address to complete the Online Registration Form: Stepan Stepanyan

Add in emergency contacts and a the type of work you will be doing which could be:  Spin Physics research on multiple experiments in multiple halls

Fill out the rest of the form and Submit

You should then receve an email asking you for additional information:

In addition to the registration form, for remote access, we will need a copy of a
picture ID, such as your Passport or Driver’s License. This document can be faxed
to our secure line at 757-269-7559. You will also need to complete Annual Security
Awareness Training (GEN034) which can be completed at the link below.


Note: In order to fax the photo ID copy, you must obtain a 'FAC' charge code from either Dr. Day or Dustin, then see the receptionist office.

Once you have competed the training and have faxed the photo ID copy, JLab will send you three emails:

  • An official request for a JLab computing account.
  • Proof that you completed the Annual Awareness Training (GEN034).
  • A list of nine more training courses for you to complete.


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