Steps taken to register:
  *   Visit:
  *   Enter non-JLab email address (you can use your UVA email)
  *   Register for new account as “USER-REMOTE” (you should register as USER-ACTIVE if you will be going onsite at JLab)
  *   Click link in automated registration email and use provided temporary password to login
  *   Change password
  *   Once logged in, click “Register New Visit”
  *   Select “University of Virginia”
  *   Select dates (Put the depart date many year in the future)
  *   Go back to portal home and complete the “Before Arrival Checklist”. 
Click 'Yes' to request a JLab Computer Account.
Note: You will need a JLab email address to complete the Online Registration Form: Eugene Pasyuk ( or Stepan Stepanyan (

Add in emergency contacts and the type of work you will be doing which could be:  Spin Physics research on multiple experiments in multiple halls

Fill out the rest of the form and Submit

You should then receive an email asking you for additional information:

In addition to the registration form, for remote access, we will need a copy of a
picture ID, such as your Passport or Driver’s License. This document can be faxed
to our secure line at 757-269-7559. You will also need to complete Annual Security
Awareness Training (GEN034) which can be completed at the link below.


Note: In order to fax the photo ID copy, you must obtain a 'FAC' charge code from either Professor Keller, then see the receptionist's office.

Once you have completed the training and have faxed the photo ID copy, JLab will send you three emails:

  • An official request for a JLab computing account.
  • Proof that you completed the Annual Awareness Training (GEN034).
  • A list of nine more training courses for you to complete.

Taking Hall-B Shifts

To Become a CLAS Term Member

The steps are as follows:- You should log in to the Database/Phonebook using your JLab CUE username and password.

- Once logged in, you should select the option to apply for Term Membership

- Complete the section with personal details etc and then fill out (and submit) the Term membership application form. The boxes should be relatively self-explanatory.
- Once you click submit, I will receive an email saying the application is in the database.

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