What do you need to know about the polarized target system?

The polarized target system consists of 6 major subsystems:
  1. The cryogenic Evaporation Fridge is designed to provide high cooling power (1 W) at 1 K.
  2. The Pump Stack is two 7000 m3/hour in parallel backed by a 7000 m3/hour backed by a 755 m3/hour rotary vane.
  3. The NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) system is needed to measure the polarization of the sample.
  4. The CPI EIO (Extended Interaction Oscillator) is a microwave generator used in DNP.
  5. The Target Material is a frozen solid material with the necessary characteristics for nucleon polarization.
  6. The Oxford Superconducting Magnet is vertically pointing split pair magnet needed for DNP.

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What is special about the Drell-Yan Target

This system has the longest (along the beam-line) target cell to date for an evaporation fridge, this requires a unique microwave distributing horn and three NMR coils per target cell to further reduce systematics in the polarization measurement.  This system was configured with the intention of having the greatest instantaneous luminosity of any previous evaporation system by having a beam intensity of 3X1012 protons/sec for 5 seconds while using a large pump system 17,000 m3/hour (16,800 m3/hour at 60Hz).  We are also running an experiment with both polarized protons and neutrons which share different sensitivity to the overall figure of merit of the Drell-Yan asymmetry.

Target Details

Introduction to the Drell-Yan PT

Polarized Target Expert

Polarized Target Operator

System Photos

Target Logbook

Polarized Target Training

Polarized Target Summary
Anneal Summary
Target Operators
Target Troubleshooting

Target Training Information

Training Target Operators consist of the General Target Training Pack,
followed by a practical course when the target is installed and running.

General Target Training Pack
Target Expert Duties
Target Operator Duties

Target Operation Procedure

PDP Restart Procedure
Cryo Screen Restart Procedure
Target Movement Procedure
New Baseline Procedure
Thermal Equilibrium Measurement Procedure
Prepare Fridge for Polarization
Anneal Procedure
Target Replacement Procedure
Magnet Energization Procedure
NMR Setup Instructions

Target Documentation

Target Device List
LabVIEW Virtual Instrument (VI) Manual
Microwave Generator Manual
Magnet Power Supply Operation
Piping and Instrumentation Diagram
Hardware Manuals
Cernox Target Insert Sensors
Target To Do List Before Fermilab
Target To Do List At Fermilab
Target To Do List for Anchit
Target To Get List (still needed equipment)
Request Service from Fermilab
Full Equipment List to be sent Fermilab
Parts List By Subsystem
Target Mechanics
Experiment Schedule
Penetration in Cave

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